PBIS for DAHS is a W-I-N



Every once in a while, in order to stay on top of life and all it encompasses, one must regroup, refocus and restart by going back to the basics. This year, Division Avenue High School is rolling out its new mantra with the focus being on the proper ways for everyone to be respectful, be responsible and be ready to succeed.

With posters hanging around the building and English teachers explaining the new PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System), everyone in Division has become familiar with what is expected from each student and what is necessary for each student to do to be successful.

With the posters and lessons, teachers are encouraged to complete PBIS cards recognizing students when they demonstrate such behavior. Each month a student who was nominated and the teacher who nominated him/her will receive a gift card.

PBIS seems like just the thing to kick off the school year on the right foot.